How To Find Free Money For Advertising

There is no such thing as free money, right? Wrong! Many vendors across the USA offer credits to businesses to put towards advertising. Credits are free money for advertising. If your business hasn’t taken full advantage of these free credits, then you’ve been missing out on free money.

How do these credits work?

Some companies will give you a credit to use towards advertising. This amount is based on your previous year’s purchases. This credit has a deadline and then once the deadline is reached, the money goes away. To utilize these credits you’ll need to talk to your vendor reps. Invite them over and ask them for the criteria and who approves the advertising ads for credits.

Once you have the vendor’s criteria, follow it to the letter. Sometimes they have space requirements, wording requirements, etc. Once you have a draft for your advertising submit it to the vendor for approval. Now that it’s been approved, submit it to local newspapers, magazines, online periodicals, or whatever publication your clients look at.

Sometimes these credits will only pay for a portion of your advertising. So, you’ll have to set up multiple advertisements to utilize the full portion of your credits. It is important to remember that this is Free Money and that you could use it to help you grow your business. The more you grow your business, the more impact you will have on Lyons, Colorado and the surrounding communities.

Let’s face it! Colorado is growing at an alarming rate and more and more people in Lyons and beyond need you and your products/services. Your business is needed and we as a community need to find you. Advertising your business helps us find you and helps you stay in business. Don’t be a fool like some of the bigger companies out there and waste the Free Money these vendors give you. Use this Free Money, you earned it. Now go grow your business!

If you do not have enough cash flow to help pay for the advertising, then check out our blog post on “How To Increase Your Cash Flow Through Your Accounts Payable.