Awesome Halloween Activities

Halloween is a special time of year. It is the time of year where neighbors get together and decorate the neighborhood. During this time, we are able to get a glimpse of the future. The little ones are always trying hard to keep up with the big kids and smiling so sweet for that little treat. The big kids are off running around rampant full of sugary sweets. Regardless of what is going on in your neighborhood, you can make this year one to remember. Here are some wonderful ideas to change up Halloween and make it super special.

For little kids-

  • Make a felt pumpkin and have pieces for the face and have kids try to put the face on the pumpkin while blind folded.
  • Check out a local Trunk-Or-Treat. (Some churches like Faith Community have one every year. Just call up the church and get the details. )
  • Take them to the Outlet mall or to the Greeley mall to walk around inside and trick-or-treat.

For Teenagers-

  • Have a pumpkin-carving contest.
  • Have a bake-a-thon using only pumpkin recipes.
  • Have a bonfire outside and have them tell scary stories or just roast marshmallows.

For Adults-

  • Have a pumpkin carving contest.
  • Go to a friend’s house and help pass out candy.
  • Go to the movies.

Make your favorite pumpkin recipe and share it with your neighbor or with someone you love at a retirement home.

Pssst… You can even do some of these activities with your business. Invite employees or clients to participate in some of these activities. Just imagine the fun you and the people involved in your business with have. You’ll make wonderful memories and build stronger relationships.

If you do some of these activities and take photos, please share them with us on Facebook-