Business Connections

Connecting you and your business to some of the best businesses in the area! We have the businesses you have been looking for- get help with animals, cleaning, charities, finances, graphic design, taxes, or some other need. We have the connections you desire.

Animal Services: Animals can play a big part in our lives and sometimes they need some help.

Kinship Enterprises

Has your furry friend had problems? Then Kate is your solution. She uses her gifts to help you and your pet.

Charities: It is better to give, then to receive. It also helps reduce your tax liability when you take the time to donate and help others.

Colorado 4-H is a wonderful organization that helps kids all over the State of Colorado. Conact your local 4-H leaders and help them help our kids! If you need information or want help donating to the kids, then please email us. We know a few local 4-H clubs that are in need of sponsorship.

You can also be a sponsor in your local county. We are in Boulder County and we would like to encourage sponsorships to benefit the 4-H and FFA kids. For more information on becoming a sponsor visit Boulder County Fair.

Credit Card Processing: Why pay more to someone who could care less?

David Whistler is a wonderful guy who actually cares about your business. He understands the costs associated with running credit cards. He may be able to provide a better solution for your business and in the end some of the money that you pay will benefit our community. You can visit Pay It Forward Processing.

Finances: Financing the present can be hard enough on one person, so why not get help with your personal and your business’ long term finances.

Graphic Design: Graphic design is more than what meets the eye. A business  today with a generic logo will go nowhere fast. Just think where would Nike be today without its Nike swoosh!

Lamberk is a wonderful company ran by two very talented ladies. Cierra and Eleisha really take the time to get to know your business and then work their magic to create a unique logo for your business. Their office is in Loveland, Colorado.