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Did you know that over 80% of the population will search for products and services online before making a purchase? Every day that goes by without your business having a website is costing you money. If your business is not online, then get online now! Let’s take the time to get you online today. You can trust us to take care of your business, while you are relaxing on a beach or any other remote location!





We want people to find you with a click of a mouse or simply touching a screen. It’s your business and we want to get your share of the market! We will take the time to get to know you and your business. We will build a website that suits your business at a fair price.




Website Maintenance

With technology changing more quickly all the time, it is important to make sure the website is up to date and using the latest technology available. Old websites, even just a few years old may not always be accessible on all devices or have loading issues. Did you know that old websites may look fine on one phone, but not another? These things result in fewer customers for your business. No one likes a website that has problems.

Every business makes changes over time. Little things like changing employees, emails, contacts and services do matter to your website and your business. Have you ever realized that an old employee or staff member was still listed on your website? We usually notice this because a client or customer has requested that person because his or her name was on the website. Has a customer ever asked for a product that was on your website, but you stopped carrying it how long ago? These moments cause your business to lose credibility in the market and hurt your business.

We know many small and medium size businesses that end up paying a fortune to companies who promise to keep their websites up to date. Do you know what? We have found these guys usually just take your money and never do the work. The problem is these guys do not get to know you or your business and frankly- They don’t care!

We care and this is why we are offering this as a service. We want you to get what you pay for! If your business website is up to date and customers can find what they are looking for on your website and do business with you! We want to help you grow and keep your business.

We have experience with all kinds of websites- Word Press, Epicor (A.K.A. I-net), Google and more! Regardless of the type of website we will be happy to offer you a free consultation to see if we can help you.


SEO Management

  • Profminidaytrader is on top of a search result after utilizing our SEO Management services.

Ever pay to get your business name on the 1st page of Google and not get the results you wanted? So many companies say it takes a long time to get your company name on the first page of Google and ends up costing you hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars. Well, guess what? They are wrong. We have a track record for getting businesses on the first page of Google within less than a few months! We can get your business name on the first page of Google, when people search your business name on Google.

There are certain parts of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that involve a long term commitment. This kind involves things like keywords. For example, let’s say you offer Lawn Care or some other kind of service. To get your business name to show up for people searching “Lawn Care” will take a long time to get your business name on the first page of Google. This will end up being a long term commitment, but over time does pay off and brings more customers to your business.

Either way, we will be happy to help you. After all, not everyone is looking for a giant store to do business with. A lot of people like to work with small and medium size companies and contractors to get that personal touch. Let’s get you found on Google, so your business can soar to new heights!



“Laura’s knowledge of how to make a website more visible to search engines was very effective in improving the prominence of my website.  Within a couple of days after she did her magic, a Google search for my website brought up about 6 pages of hits with the name of ProfMiniDayTrader.  This was impressive and effective in bringing increased traffic to the website…

She is the first person I would contact if I need more help with the website.”


Leonard Pearson


ProfMiniDayTrader is a great company and has really impressive results. It is incredible what one person with a dream can accomplish!

*In the event that Google does something really crazy with their algorithms, we cannot guarantee all websites will be on the first page of Google within less than 2 months.