Bookkeeping Services

We are so glad you are running a business. Believe it or not you and your business make our community a better place for all. Thank you for working so hard. We understand the work you do and that there comes a time when you can no longer do your books on your own. Not only do you have to juggle your employees and customers, but you also have other obligations to your business, yourself and to your family. Here at MD Bookkeeping & Internet Services, we strive to meet your business needs. Contact us today for a free quote!
    • Each Month we will…
      • Reconcile Bank Statements
      • Generate an Income Statement
      • Generate a Balance Sheet
      • Clean up your ledger
      Why use our services?
      • It’s Cost Effective
        Are you spending more time staring at the computer than humanly possible? There are always questions when doing your books, but if you don’t know the answers to your questions then your books can take longer than you want. On average small business owners spend over 8 hours a month putting their books together. Thus, costing you time and money. You could be out there bringing in more business or focusing on other core areas of your business.
      • It’s a Time Saver
        Our bookkeeping services service eliminates the burden of inputting all your financial information. You won’t have to be troubled by data entry, no more researching updates or new laws, no more worries. You’ll be able to view reports in seconds and make informed decisions for your business.
      • Give Back to Our Community
        During tax time, we take the time to give back to our community. We donate a percentage of our tax prep fees to a local youth groups here in Boulder County, Colorado.
      We also take care of payroll, credit card processing and more. Are you ready to leave the chaos behind? Contact us today and we’ll setup a customized plan to get you on your way to clean books, easy to read reports and leave the chaos behind!