SEO for your business is easier than you ever imagined.

First of all, let’s learn what SEO stands for. It stands for Search Engine Optimization. For those of us who prefer to use simpler terms- It gets your business found on the internet.  There are 3 major components that affect your SEO- Your website, links to your website, and contact information.  Your website needs to have a variety of tools working together with the search engines.  There are several types of tools that you can use to improve your search engine optimization.

The simplest tool is known as “Keywords.” Keywords are words that your customer would use to search for your business. These words need to be placed within the context on your website.  For example, let’s say you are in financial services and you help people with their IRAs.  Knowing that people need help with their IRAs- you write a blog post about IRAs and use the keywords- IRA and/or individual retirement account to educate your target market.  The search engines these days really like the websites and blogs to be educational. This does two things for your website-

    •  It make is so that the search engines see you as a resource, which gets you listed higher on the internet search.                                   
    • It also enables your target market to get excited about your business because they finally found the information they have been searching for-for a prolonged period of time.

What do I mean by links? There are all sorts of links out there that get connected to your business especially when your business has been established for a few years. After a few years or so, other business websites put a listing on their websites linking back to your business. Some other links include social media-Facebook, Twitter, etc. If you are a relatively new business, then you really need to get these links established. All of these links tell the search engines that you are an actual business and enable your business to be listed higher on the internet search.

As for your contact information, it looks good on your website. Right? Of course it does! However, all those places that linked back to your business website put your business contact information that was valid at the time they found you. They never check to see if you moved or changed your phone number or email address. This means your target market is not going to be able to find you and do business with you.

As you can see, SEO really does affect your business. It may seem complicated, but if you stick to educating your consumers and keeping all the links to your business with your current contact information, then your business will thrive. Remember- over 80% of the consumers today will search for a business on the internet before they purchase.

If this SEO stuff still confuses you and you do not know where to turn, then please contact us. We are willing to help you every step of the way. We want your business to be found by your past, present, and future customers because you help make our community a better place to live. Do not worry; eventually the fog will lift…