5 Simple Steps To Always Know Where You Spent Your Money

You may find yourself dragging your feet when know you should be updating and analyzing your expenses for your business budgets. Even balancing your checkbook or preparing your tax return may seem overwhelming. You may have been avoiding this task because you do not know how to simplify this process and you find this task to be extremely boring.  So you find yourself with an unbalanced checkbook, no idea where you spent all that money and are at a loss on how to organize yourself financially.

Fortunately, this process can be made easy with minimum cost and effort. If you follow these few simple steps you will have your finances organized quickly and efficiently.

  1. Start using your on-line banking features with your bank.
  2. Have your bank information automatically download into your QuickBooks.
  3. Tell QuickBooks the type of expenses you incurred. For example- utilities, office expense, etc.
  4. One you tell QuickBooks that Excel checks go to “Utilities” the program will remember it so you do not have to do it from scratch again next month.
  5. Run a monthly Profit and Loss report to see where you stand.

Viola, you will have a balanced checkbook and reports available to you with just a click of a button. These reports will be available for your financial advisors and accountants.

So stop procrastinating, within an hour or two you can have a summary of your monthly expenses at your fingertips!

Let’s face it. If you’re business is keeping you too busy and you cannot find the time to do this on a monthly basis, than you may want to consider hiring a company to help you with this. After all, most successful business owners eventually pay someone else to do this work. The question is, are you ready to utilize a team of dedicated professionals dedicated to helping you tackle this daunting task?