Motivation is key to your business.

Motivation can help you move past those hurdles.

Whether you are a business owner, entrepreneur or an employee, it doesn’t matter there are days where you feel zero motivation! Here are 10 great ways to motivate you!

  1. Give yourself an incentive! Treat yourself to your favorite drink or ice cream on the way to work. Make plans for lunch. Heck, just go for it and do something spontaneous after work! Do something fun for once. You only have one life to live; you should live it to the fullest! Remind yourself that these things are better than guild for calling in sick to work or making some awkward excuse, which will increase your workload tomorrow.
  1. Practice self-care. Practice taking a few minutes of deep breathing or guided meditation to revitalize yourself.  When you have the chance to take a break, do so! Take that walk outside and breathe in the fresh air and listen to the birds sing. It is very important to make sure you are getting proper rest and nutrition. Skipping out on meals may leave you feeling hungry and tired. Eating a snack can give you energy. Do you realize that you are a tool in the business? Take the time to get a massage, or do something equally relaxing such as read a book or watch a favorite movie.  Each of these things can help you get back on track and improve your wellbeing.
  1. Take it one step at a time. Take baby steps today. Get out of bed, shower, get dressed, eat something, and make your way out the door. You will be able to pull your way out of your funk and gain momentum. Go for it- sing  your favorite song or crank up the radio while you are getting ready for the day!
  1. Do the simple stuff first. Let’s face it those big projects can take a lot of time. Sometimes you may feel like you have little energy to take on those big projects, so take time to take care of the little things today. This will help you stay productive even when you do not feel up taking on the world. By taking the time to do some filing or getting supplies, you will be able to stay productive. It doesn’t take a lot of passion or brain power, but these things always need to be done.
  1. Reduce your interactions. Fly under the radar and have smaller interactions with others on your team or maybe your boss. You can put your ear buds in, keep your eyes on the computer, shut your door or all of the above. Keeping outside interactions brief and cordial will make the day more manageable.
  1. Slow down. You are not in a race. You can go at a slower pace. Slowing down can reduce the stress you are feeling. You may find perspective on a project. There is not a single business owner, entrepreneur, or employee who is “Superman/Superwoman.” You need to take care of you.
  1. Use mantra. Select a positive statement to get you moving (i.e. “Believe you can and you’re halfway there.”) This is from T. Roosevelt. There are a lot of wonderful positive quotes and statements out there. One internet search on “positive quote” will yield thousands of quotes which can help you get your groove back.
  1. Make things easier on you. Have someone pick up the dry cleaning. Wear something comfortable and work from home. Try crossing of just a few items off your “To Do” list to lighten the load. Ask for support from your friends or family (even if it’s just a pep talk or a little prodding).
  1. Help someone else. Offering a helping hand to someone may be just what you need and what they need. Opening the door for someone, giving a compliment or helping a colleague can perk you up.
  1. Practice gratitude. Instead of focusing on all the reasons you don’t want to go to work, focus on the good parts. You have a job is just one of the good things. This list can go on and on. Just look what you have at home, how many things did the income from this job pay for? You’re not really sick. Gratitude promotes positive thinking that attracts positive energy.

Whatever challenges you are facing today, you can do it! Keep moving forward. There is only one of you and you do make a difference!