Mileage apps are they good for your business?

Let’s face it apps are everywhere and everyone is pushing them at us. Sometimes we may love apps other times we get frustrated with them. This is still a relatively new technology and it is always improving and getting better.

In business, no matter what you or I do, we will always have some drive time. We can do things the old fashion way and pull out that note pad to record our miles. The problem is over time the note pad or whatever you wrote on gets dirty, gets wet, and in the end it gets damaged. This makes it really hard to ensure we get every mile accounted for.

Just last year within a few months I drove over 1000 miles and tried to track it with pen, paper and Google maps. This took a lot of time and in the end I did get my miles accounted for, but I spent a lot of time getting the numbers together. This turned out to be an inefficient way for me to take care of my business. Had I been wise from the beginning and used an app to track my miles, my income would have been higher. I would have been spending more time marketing, working with clients, etc. Instead, I spent countless hours staring at my computer and manually calculating my mileage.

This is not just a problem I face; it is a problem all business owners face. The mileage has to be accounted for. Take my mileage for example that thousand miles was about a $500 deduction for my business. Your mileage could be a little deduction or it could be a big deduction. You never know until the year is up and all the miles have been accounted for.

I know that I personally, loved not paying taxes on that $500. How about you? Did you pay taxes on money that you actually spent? If this is you then, let’s come up with a plan to stop paying taxes on money that you spent for your business.

I personally use Mileage IQ, an app for my phone. It automatically tracks all my drives. All I have to do is swipe with my finger and tell it personal or business. Within a matter of seconds all my drives are calculated and put into a monthly report for me. This reduces the time it takes to put it in my books and the time to calculate it. Thus, leaving me with more time to expand my business and improving my customer relations.

Not only is using Mileage IQ and important tool to my business, but it could also be an important tool for you with your business…

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