The Secret To Building Trust With Your Customers

“Succeeding as a small business is all about building trust with your consumers. According to Harvard University researchers, people trust eloquent speakers more than honest ones, even when the more articulate speaker isn’t telling the whole truth.”

Of course, consumers prefer that you tell them the truth and that in the long run will increase the longevity of your business. You may find talking to a group of people uncomfortable. This is normal for most small business owners. The important thing to remember is that you are confident when you talk to others about your business.

Practice speaking before speaking to groups of people to build up your self confidence. Start small and work your way up to larger crowds. A large crowd could mean a number of events such as a booth at the Artwalk in Longmont or Lyons, Colorado. There are small networking opportunities around Longmont that will give the chance to practice before you advance to a larger crowd. We have found the Coffee and Connections meetings and the Startup Longmont groups to be very helpful for the small business owner. Not only can you tell other business owners what you are looking for- new clients, help with business, investors, but you also have the opportunity to speak to the whole group. Longmont Start up even has a Pitch Practice group that you can utilize. It involves one to three people /businesses that practice pitching their business to a small group on Friday nights.

If you are thinking you’d like to try out a small event, then you can always contact Coffee and Connections. They have Business Showcases to help you get your business out there. These showcases are held in Longmont, Colorado and throughout the United States.

As a business owner, I know that some of you struggle with public speaking. You may be great at what you do, but speaking may not be your thing. Take the time to learn how to practice speaking/pitching your business to others. You are your number one salesman. People are looking for your products and your services. It’s important that you speak the truth about your business, but you need to have confidence in yourself. Look at what you do for our community and the effect your business has on us all. Without you Longmont, Lyons and the surrounding communities wouldn’t be as great as they are now. You have helped make our community a better place.  Keep going and keep growing.

When you…

See Rose Chamberlain with Coffee and Connections tell her that MD Bookkeeping & Internet Services LLC referred you to her group.

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We want to help you be successful. We’ll keep putting up more articles to help you as a business owner.


*Quote is from Entreprenuer – 5 Public Speaking Secrets That Will Help you Make Your Company Grow.