Take Your Public Speaking To The Next Level

Are you thinking of going to that next Artwalk or having a booth at the Boulder County Fair? These are great ways to let the community get to know you and your business. They can help you become more visible to our community.

It’s time to prepare…

  1. Go to an event prior to registering if you haven’t been to one before.
  2. Check out the crowd and get the feel for what it is you are about to embark on.
  3. Register for the event.
  4. Get a table, pamphlets and have other information ready to give to people. They also like freebies like pens, rulers, etc.
  5. Have a table cloth made with your business logo.
  6. Get a popup/canopy tent and make sure to have your logo on it.
  7. Get a table.
  8. Dress for success on the day of the event.

Checking out an event prior to registering for it will make things easier on you. It’ll give you a chance to see what kind of people are there, what they are looking for and so much more. You can see how other business owners are connecting to people. They’ll give you a prime example of how to connect to people or how not to connect with people. Talk to some of them and find out how this event has helped their business. Who knows, maybe it’ll help you overcome any anxieties you may have.

Registering for an event takes time. Some events have certain criteria that you may have to meet before you can become a part of the event. Once you have met all the requirements, then start preparing for the event.

You’ll need to have an embroidery/promotions business to help you with your tent, table cloth, and give away stuff. These items will help you build your brand with our community. Our friends in Longmont and Lyons, Colorado are looking for you or may have heard about you, but they need to also see you out and about before they can really get excited about your business. If they like what you have, then they can point you out to their friends.

On a side note, you could also put a water jug out with cups on them to draw people in to your booth. Make sure to have your logo on them because you want to work on your branding. Branding is how people recognize your company!

The day before the event get all your stuff ready to go and make sure you have your shirt with your logo on it. After all, you are your number one advertisement. Dress for success. Make sure your shirt is clean and that you look nice. You will have more success if you dress for success.