1099-MISC Basics

What are 1099 MISC Forms?

 These are form you give to your contractors who work for you.  Use these 1099-MISC forms for contractors, who you paid $600 or more to. These people cannot be your employees. These forms are also required if you gave out prizes and awards. These forms are required by the IRS and are due by January 31st of this year.

What do you need to get these forms ready?

  1.  You need to have the contractors fill out a Form W-9.
  2. Finalize the numbers-How much did you pay them for the whole year?
  3. Make a decision- Are you going to E-File or do this by paper?
  4. Contact your CPA or ours- if you need to fill out at 1096.
    1. 1096 forms are required if you do not e-file.